About Me

Hi! I’m Andrew Homan. I’m just a guy who’s just trying to make some sense out of the world in these turbulent times.  At the heart of my writing is a simple wish: I want to share with my sons what I believe in and why.  I want them to know I don’t have all the answers but that with authenticity, patience and a whole lot of grace I’m doing the best I can.  My hope is that by sharing my stories candidly others will feel empowered to do the same and that, together, we will connect, grow, and, most importantly, love.

I’m a father, a husband, a veteran, a Scout leader, a YMCA employee, a Christian…. and the list goes on.  I love just about everyone and am working really hard at loving the ones I haven’t quite managed to just yet.

Thankful you’re reading my stories and I would love to hear yours!